11 Day Tour

Day 1 

Arrive at Munich airport. Transfer by minibus or taxi to our base hotel in Spitzingsee.

Day 2

Spitzingsee. After breakfast you’ll be equipped with your bicycle. You are then free to explore. Surrounded by spectacular peaks, Spitzingsee lies on the shores of a crystal clear lake bearing the same name. Gondola lifts reach into the mountains on either side and a network of tracks and paths create a ramblers’ paradise. Our suggested cycle ride is a little more strenuous than we would normally recommend on the first day, but it is a truly spectacular tour. The route descends to the valley below, before passing through Bayrischzell, one of Bavaria’s most beautiful villages. The height is then gradually regained by climbing a small saddle on a glorious mountain track.

Day 3

Spitzingsee to Kreuth: 18 miles (29km). A narrow lane closed to normal traffic follows the Rote Valepp River south through a mixture of rolling alpine meadows and dense pine forest. The other branch of the Valepp River, the Weisse Valepp, joins from the west and the route turns upstream to the pretty lakeside resort, Rottach-Egern. Enjoying a wonderful location on the southern shores of one of Bavaria’s most picturesque lakes, the Tegernsee, Rottach-Egern is endowed with a vast array of elegant cafés and restaurants. Kreuth lies just a few miles to the south, along the Weissach valley.

Day 4

Kreuth. A small village, Kreuth is an oasis of calm, where the appreciation of nature is the primary draw for its visitors. Surrounded by magnificent alpine scenery, cycling and walking opportunities abound. We suggest a marvellous route that circumnavigates the Hirschberg Mountain to the west. The loop travels back to Rottach-Egern and along the shores of the Tegernsee, before following a track between the mountains to complete the circle. An enchanting Gasthof lies along this quiet byway, offering simple fare in the most fantastic location.

Day 5

Kreuth to Wallgau: 26 miles (42km). A gentle climb from Kreuth takes the route over a low saddle, the Achenpass. You then continue along the shores of the sparkling Sylvensteinsee in the shadows of the towering Karwendel Mountains. There are few villages along today’s route, but there is an excellent Gasthof at Vorderiss, just after half distance. Beyond Vorderiss, the journey continues along a privately owned toll road (cyclists are free), which follows the River Isar. This shaded lane meanders through picturesque countryside for nine miles, before emerging at Wallgau.

Day 6

Wallgau. This charming village is set in the broad glaciated valley of the River Isar. This is an area of unspoilt natural beauty, with rolling green meadows, crystal clear lakes and majestic mountains, all enhanced by the ornately painted buildings. Cyclists and walkers are spoilt for choice, with a multitude of full and half day trips available. We also suggest a cycle ride to the beautiful Walchensee; Germany’s largest and deepest mountain lake.

Day 7

Wallgau to Seefeld: 22 miles (35km). The tour leaves Wallgau, heading south along the Isar Valley to Mittenwald. The town is one of Bavaria’s best loved alpine resorts and, is squeezed tightly between awesome peaks at this narrowing of the valley. The tables of many Gasthofs and cafés spill onto the pretty pedestrianised centre, inviting you to take a mid-morning break. Leaving Mittenwald you pass through the Leutasch Gorge, cross the border into Austria and, emerge into a broad glaciated valley of the same name. The ride up the Leutasch Valley is truly breathtaking, high peaks rear up on either side and, a perfect little lane winds its way through a series of idyllic hamlets, each with at least one tempting Gasthof. Seefeld is just a few miles to the south of the Leutasch.

Day 8

Seefeld. Situated on a mountain plateau above the northern side of the Inn Valley, Seefeld is perfect for summer cycling. Low-lying pastures, forested slopes and rugged peaks surround Seefeld in all directions, with an unrivalled network of tracks and paths with which to explore. As a sophisticated ski resort, Seefeld boasts elegant cafés and restaurants and, excellent leisure facilities. The historic city of Innsbruck is also easy to reach, just a short train ride away.

Day 9

Seefeld to Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 28 or 35 miles (45 or 56km). A choice of two routes today, both equally scenic, but one a little longer and more adventurous. Seefeld and Garmisch-Partenkirchen are separated by the Wettersteingebirge, the ridge of mountains that form the border between Austria and Germany in these parts. Both rides go around this forbidding range, which includes Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze - one to the west, the other to the east. The western passage continues up the Leutasch Valley on a cycle track, traversing a small pass and then downhill all the way, via Ehrwald, to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The eastern choice retraces part of the Leutasch Valley, almost to Mittenwald, and then heads west on a marvellous lane past Schloss Elmau to Klais, before dropping down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Day 10

Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a rich blend of old and new, part modern, part traditional. The hyphen gives the clue that it is two towns joined together, Garmisch fully embracing the twentieth century and Partenkirchen preferring to cling to the past. The combined town has grown and prospered because of its fantastic location. Lying in a broad open basin formed by glacial erosion, the town is surrounded by mountains to the south, east and west. The skiing is superb, the cycling and walking equally superlative. There are innumerable things to do, but on a clear day, a mountain railway ride to the summit of the Zugspitze is hard to beat.

Day 11 

We say “Auf Wiedersehen” before transferring you direct from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich airport by train or minibus.

One Night Or Two?

Most of our holidays are available in two formats: BSpoke Original (two-night stays at each hotel, moving on alternate days), and BSpoke One Night Stops (two nights in your first hotel, followed by just one night in each subsequent hotel, for those who want to cycle a distance every day).