Cycling Holidays France

A cycling holiday in France not only offers up some stunning scenery, but it is also a fantastically welcoming place for cyclists of any ability. As the home of the Tour de France, you can expect great respect from motorists and comradery from local cyclists themselves. Whether it's rolling fields of lavender, Alpine peaks or undulating rivers, France houses wonderfully diverse landscapes that have inspired some of the most talented artists in history.

From the vineyards of the famous Alsace wine road to the colourful lavender fields of Provence, our French cycle routes have been carefully coordinated to show off the best of French cycling. Think of your BSpoke French cycle holiday as a mini Tour de France, just without all the hard work. 

Best bits

  • Medieval villages are strewn across a gorgeous landscape, with half-timbered houses cascading geraniums and petunias from every window box
  • South-facing slopes host row upon row of carefully manicured vines, producing exceptional wines from a diverse variety of grapes
  • Sampling some Riesling in picturesque Alsace
  • Balmy climates of Provence's Mediterranean appeal make a cycling holiday in France a true joy