Cycling Holidays Germany

Whilst on a cycling holiday in Germany you’re constantly surrounded by snow-capped peaks, rolling green meadows, crystal clear lakes and babbling brooks. Historic old towns offer the opportunity to meet friendly locals and enjoy hearty traditional cuisine. Long periods of sunshine are punctuated by occasional evening thunderstorms, making for spectacular mountain views.

And let's not forget all the history amongst the pine forests and alpine scenery. Spa towns, beer-brewing monasteries, fairy-tale castles and ancient monuments all await you on a German cycling holiday. Around every twist and turn we think you'll be surprised and delighted, with plenty of sun-filled beer gardens and the odd Stein along the way too.

Best bits

• Spotting Bavarians adorned in their traditional lederhosen and dirndl

• Bavaria’s majestic Oberbayern region with breathtaking views of the Alps

• Picturesque castles and monasteries hidden in the mountains