Group Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays with BSpoke are not only a fantastic way to reconnect with nature, but they are also the perfect excuse to reconnect with friends.

From enjoying an authentic evening of Bavarian culture on our Garmisch & the Romantic Castles tour, to indulging in a few bottles of wine with pizza perfection in Tuscany (Tuscany's Treasures), our hand-crafted group cycling holidays are ideal for creating lasting memories with your friends and colleagues. 

What's more is that you can forget tight schedules and daily distance targets with a BSpoke cycling holiday, we are all about exploring at entirely your own pace. Because we take care of all the details (flights, hotels and transfers, suggested route maps and luggage transfer from hotel to hotel) you and your group can travel easy, with nothing weighing you (or your bike) down.

For more information about our favourite group cycling holidays, click on the icons below or call one of our experts today on 020 7471 7750