Walking Holidays Germany

With its outlandish natural beauty, fabled castles and exquisite cuisine, walking holidays in Germany offer everything from mountain summits to glacial valleys. Immerse yourself into a vibrant and friendly culture whilst experiencing some jaw dropping scenery.

On your German walking holiday, you'll be wandering from one glorious valley to another, stopping to marvel at rushing waterfalls and plunging gorges. But the old towns you'll visit along the way are worth a mention too. A mix of chic, cosmopolitan and old world Bavarian charm, a whole day can easily be spent exploring the museums, shops and back streets of Garmish-Partenkirchen.

Best Bits

  • Spectacular cuisine, finely accompanied with some of the world’s best beer and unique wines 
  • Bathing lakes, waterfalls and narrow gorges lie near the glaciated town of Wallgau 
  • Experiencing Germany's highest peak - Zugspitze