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A guide to choosing the perfect cycling holiday

Posted 25 May 2018

When it comes to booking your cycling holiday, you want to get it just right. Uncovering your dream destination with an ideal itinerary and luxurious accommodation feels fantastic, but sometimes sifting through the choices can be tricky.

With our new group cycling holidays to exciting and exotic worldwide destinations, there’s more choice than ever. Don’t be overwhelmed: here are our fail-safe tips for picking your perfect cycling holiday.

Where to go?

This is the top question to ponder as you start looking. Consider the places you’re keen to see—where’s on your bucket list? —then check our list of countries to see what tours we offer in those places. It’s also important to ask yourself what type of holiday you’d like. Are you dying to be beside the sea, or to lose yourself in the mountains? Are you a foodie seeking taste sensations, or do you want to get stuck into a wine region? We have plenty of collections available to help you make an informed decision.

When to go?

This decision needs to tie in closely with your choice of destination. You may have a country you’re excited to visit, but at the time you’d like to book your holiday the weather may not be the bright sunshine you’re hoping for. On the other hand, you’ll want to check local temperatures for the period you'll be spending in a region and look at whether you'll enjoy the highs, or if they'll be a little too hot for a full holiday of cycling.

What type of bike?

What bike to ride is another thing to think about quite early, as it ties in with the kind of terrain you'll be tackling. If you're an avid road cyclist, what could be more dreamy than cruising around immaculate stretches of countryside on a road cycling break? Less proficient cyclists, or those who want to give their legs a holiday too, can go for an e-bike tour. Hilly regions become a breeze with the help of an electric bike to carry you up the steeper sections.

Guided or self-guided?

If you're new to cycling holidays, a guided route is perfect, as it means you can relax and enjoy the ride while someone else takes care of pace and directions. The guide will know the terrain like the back of their hand, so they’ll be able to point out things you might not have spotted and fill you in on local details. Travelling in a group can be fantastic too, especially if you’re booking alone, as you’ll meet lots of new friends who share your interests.

More experienced cyclists might like to go self-guided: choosing your pace, following the route and making detours as you please. Pre-holiday packs will ensure you're fully equipped with details, contacts and a route, so it’s not as daunting as planning a cycling holiday entirely from scratch.

Difficulty level

Since a holiday is meant to be relaxing and fun (perhaps with just a spritz of challenge thrown in), check the difficulty of the holiday carefully. We rate our tours from 1-5 and it’s important to consider if you’ll still have a relaxing holiday if you’ve picked something that's potentially out of your comfort zone. Equally, if you’re hunting a challenge you don’t want to be disappointed by terrain that’s too tame.

If would still like advice or information about our tours, contact one of our Activities Experts - they are happy to help!

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