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Activity Holidays in Canada

Canada is an adventure holiday-goers dream destination. Here, you can try rafting, hiking, cycling and canoeing - all in one day if you so choose!

For hundreds of years, people have been drawn to the country's dramatic scenery of towering mountains, deep lakes of snowmelt and a diverse range of wildlife, from moose to whales. For hikers, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are paradise, with miles and miles of trails stretching out along vistas, valleys and peaks. You might even get lucky and see some of Canada's famed wildlife; a bear coming out of hibernation, a lone moose grazing in a meadow or beavers tending to their dam.

Team all this with an ultra friendly welcome wherever you go and gallons of maple syrup and a Canadian activity holiday is one that you'll never forget.

Best bits

  • Trekking in the Canadian Rockies
  • Whale spotting off Vancouver Island
  • Wild camping along the Yukon River
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