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Croatia's top photo opportunities

Posted 06 Oct 2017

The calm of an aquamarine sea at dawn, shafts of fading sunlight on cobbled streets, the striking silhouette of an ancient turret. It’s these memorable scenes from our holidays that stay with us.

Whether you’re intent on snapping the perfect picture for your album or you're content with capturing these moments in your mind’s eye, there are few places more jam-packed with photogenic backdrops than Croatia. Here are a few of our highlights.


On foot

On our walking tour of the Adriatic Coast, there are plenty of photo opportunities on the banks of the river Ljuta and the rugged coastline of Šipan. But the famous city of Dubrovnik is one of our favourites. You may know it as ‘King’s Landing' from Game of Thrones, but thankfully it’s more peaceful than its fantasy counterpart.

Bordered by the crystal-clear Adriatic sea, the whole of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO site. Fort Lovrijenak is a great place to capture sweeping panoramas of the town – aim your lens seaward for the perfect shot. The inside of the fort begs to be photographed too, with its curved stone arches forming a delightful contrast with the straight-lined architecture.


From the saddle

Our cycle tour of the Istrian Peninsula takes you along a glorious wine route, during which you'll sample local tipples and experience the quaint medieval towns of Groznjan, Oprtalj, Motovun and Porec.

If you stop on your cycle towards Groznjan, be sure to get the classic shot of the typical Istrian medieval town perched atop the hill overlooking the river Mirna. You’ll quickly spot why it’s known as 'the town of the artists’, with galleries and studios peering out from behind every colourful wooden door. Take a peek inside one of these before angling your camera up the narrow, cobbled streets.

In Motovun, if you stand looking down from the city walls, the Mirna River Valley and surrounding forest form a dreamy composition. If you're lucky, you'll capture the Parenzana Train travelling across the viaduct with the hills rising in the distance.

Finally, you’ll reach the coast and the quaint village of Porec, magnificent to photograph from a boat looking back inland. It's hard to miss the Euphrasias Basilica, with its sky-leaning spire visible from almost every street and alleyway.


From the sea

Experience Croatia by boat and bike with our Istria Islands Tour. Scenic harbours aren’t hard to find in this blessed corner of the world with plenty of charming pebbled beaches and wild coastal paths in between.

One of our favourite spots for contemplation, and of course photography, is Rovinj. A veritable maze of winding streets and secluded piazzas, this tiny old town is packed with energy and colour. There’s also a photogenic, tumble-down aspect to much of the red-stoned architecture.

You’ll cruise languidly in on our boat, where you'll have ample time to capture the romantic scene of lapping waves against the waterfront buildings, bathed in morning light. For a bolder picture, point your camera towards the bright splashes of canary yellow and sky-blue paint interspersed with faded stone.

Which tour has you packing up your lenses already?

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