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Self Guided FAQs

Frequently asked questions for our Self Guided tours:

What happens to our luggage?

While you are cycling or walking the route each day, a representative will take all your belongings to the next hotel – ensuring they are in your room by mid-afternoon.

Bicycles come equipped with a rack and pannier bag, so anything you may need during the day can be easily carried. We recommend that walkers bring a small daypack.

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Where do we stay?

One of the highlights of your holiday will be the marvellous hotels and guesthouses in which you stay. Mostly small and family-run, they are handpicked for their comfort and individual character, not to mention the warmth of their welcome. All rooms have private bathrooms.

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How do we get there?

Getting to your holiday destination couldn’t be simpler. We offer scheduled flights with all the major airlines from a choice of up to 15 UK departure airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol and Jersey.

Using scheduled flights, we tailor your itinerary to your needs – allowing you to extend your stay in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain or Portugal before or after your holiday. We will be happy to advise you on possible arrangements. Onward transfer to your base hotel is made as easy as possible. A representative will meet you at your arrival airport and you will be driven to your base hotel by minibus. For those wishing to drive, there is ample safe parking at all our base hotels.

We are also able to arrange your Channel crossing with Brittany Ferries or Eurotunnel.

For travellers arriving independently, we provide information on how to find your base hotel.

Holidaymakers arriving by air from a country other than the UK, may also be able to join our normal airport-to-hotel transfer.

All holidaymakers making their own travel arrangements qualify for a price reduction – please refer to the price details for each tour.

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What is the food like?

Enjoying authentic regional cuisine is an important element of our tours. During a day’s cycling or walking, a little local flavour always adds to the overall experience. Throughout Germany, Austria, Croatia Switzerland, Spain and Portugal first-time visitors are pleasantly surprised by the quality, quantity and variety of the food. France, of course, enjoys an excellent reputation for its food and, Provence and the Loire are renowned as a magnet for gastronomes.

Meanwhile, Tuscany offers some of the finest food and wine in Italy (if not the world!). Surprisingly, even areas renowned for their meat dishes still cater well for vegetarians. In every location, £12-£20 purchases a tasty meal to satisfy the heartiest appetite. For al fresco dining, picnickers will find an extraordinary selection in even the smallest village shop.

The culinary possibilities are limitless... Whether it’s Bavarian Weisswurst (white sausage) with Weissbier, Austrian Weichselstrudel (sour cherry strudel), Bistecca alla Fiorentina in Tuscany, char-grilled sardines in Istria or, a Bohemian Platter, you’ll discover classic regional specialties and new gourmet sensations throughout your tour. And, of course, you’ll also sample the finest wines and beers from each region. Cheers!

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What are 'One Night Stops'?

Most of our tours are now available in two formats. The ‘Original BSpoke Formula’ of two night stays at each hotel, moving on alternate days, is available for all departure dates. Our ‘One Night Stops’ itinerary, where you stay two nights in your first hotel followed by just a single night in each subsequent hotel, is offered on selected dates.

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How difficult is a BSpoke Bicycle Tour?

A BSpoke Bicycle Tour is no Tour de France! Instead, imagine a gentle potter at your own pace through the lush German, Austrian, Italian, French, Croatian, Swiss, Spanish and Portuguese countryside with time to savour all the atmosphere of these friendly regions.

In Upper Bavaria, we take you to the mountains but not over them. Immediately south of Munich, the rolling hills of the alpine foreland rise up, gradually growing until they reach the Alps at the border with Austria. Once in Austria, majestic mountains are all around – however, where there are hills and mountains, there are valleys and lakes, and these are the ways we have found for you.

Tuscany is a cyclist’s paradise, a picture perfect rolling landscape of vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees. Quiet lanes and ‘Strada Bianchi’ crisscross the countryside, linking magnificent medieval towns and villages. Though there are a few hills to climb, our careful research has sought out the easiest and most beautiful routes. Burgundy is perfect for cycling; the beautiful rolling landscape is blessed with a vast network of quiet lanes.

Istria in Croatia is an exquisite gem ideally suited to cycling. From a medieval hilltop castle you will ride downstream along the Mirna Valley to the clear waters of the Adriatic. As you head south hugging the coastline, cycle paths and quiet lanes traverse gentle undulations along the shore

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Who can enjoy a BSpoke Bicycle Tour?

Anyone who is relatively healthy, fit and loves to pedal.

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What kind of bikes do you provide?

Top of the range bikes for your enjoyment

We provide lightweight touring bicycles which are perfectly suited to the terrain encountered on our tours, designed for both roads and tracks. It combines lightness with robust dependability, comfortable sprung saddle, mudguards, rear carrier and pannier bag.

We also have electric bicycles which are available at a small supplement. Should you choose one, you will ride up hills with ease and keep going longer and further with minimal effort. All our electric bicycles are supplied with two batteries to ensure they keep going all day.

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Can we explore at our own pace?

Freedom to Roam

Three to four weeks before your holiday, we’ll send your travel documents. You will either receive your comprehensive information pack of daily maps highlighted with suggested routes, accompanied by detailed written instructions with your travel itinerary or with some tours when you arrive for your welcome briefing.

You are now free to explore each day at your own pace, leaving plenty of time to absorb the atmosphere of charming villages, enjoy leisurely picnics among the cornfields, and swim in the many inviting lakes. All secure in the knowledge that a comfortable bed awaits at the end of each exhilarating day.

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