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Five reasons to get into road biking in 2018

Posted 23 Feb 2018

What can improve fitness, make you cleverer, boost wellbeing and keep you young? According to those in the know, it’s cycling. More than two million Brits now cycle at least once a week, perhaps due to the popularity of the Tour de France and the success of the British cycling team. It’s also a way to escape the stress of driving.

A cycling holiday is the perfect way to get you onto two wheels, with the inspiring scenery, warmer weather and gastronomic delights of Europe. If you haven’t tried road biking yet, we know plenty of reasons why you should.

Go further, see more

One of the attractions of touring a region like the Algarve or Provence by bike is that you can cover great distances. Even on a short break you’ll discover several towns, with plenty of free-reign over where you meander. There are hidden local histories to be discovered; nature reserves and quiet lanes begging to be explored. On the Châteaux of the Loire tour, see just how many castles you can find in a few days.


It’s faster and slower

Cycling is an efficient way from A to B – and every enjoyable detour in between – and often is more direct and less frustrating than a car. You are the master of your timetable. If you want to take an extra hour waiting to snap the perfect golden-hour lighting, that’s fine. Power off early in the morning to catch the sunrise, or drift lazily along lanes watching out for the local wildlife. Like few other things in our daily lives, the pace entirely is yours; speed up or press pause at will.

Get a fitness boost

Of course, cycling’s good for your general health and it’s great for toning muscles. But it can also reduce the risk of heart disease and numerous other conditions. Imagine covering 40-60 miles a day and loving every minute. Road cycling is an endorphin-rich, outdoor, cardiovascular work-out, with the added bonus that our tours promise a tasty reward at the end. What could be healthier than a day in the fresh air and sunshine, burning those calories, followed by a locally-sourced, lovingly prepared evening meal.


Meet new people

Whether you go with friends, family, or alone, cycling tours are a great way to meet people. You already have at least one thing in common, your (newfound) love of cycling, but there are bound to be more too. It’s easy to find new friends, far away from city crowds or time-pressured lunch breaks. Our guided tours are sociable and relaxed, with plenty of time to chat as you pedal and relax in the evenings. And when you get home, there are lots of local clubs you can join if you enjoy cycling with a group.

Feel revitalised

Research suggests that cycling actually makes you smarter and helps memory. It can lift your mood and reduce stress. Another study has found that older, amateur cyclists aged 55-79 were physiologically and biologically much younger than their peers. Cycling also connects you to your environment. Even a short weekend of breathing deeper, hearing nothing but the laughter of friends, the sounds of the nature and seeing the colours of the region from a whole new angle, will leave you feeling revitalised and relaxed. 


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