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Galapagos: Eastern Islands

The extraordinary archipelago of the Galapagos left a lasting impression on Darwin and is likely to do the same for you if you travel on board the Nemo II, a First Class Motor Sail Catamaran.
On this expedition cruise to the eastern islands, you’ll discover an enchanted world, characterised by stark lava fields, cactus forests, volcanic craters, mangrove lagoons and turquoise waters.
Step over snoozing sea lions, watch the courting rituals of Blue-footed boobies or snorkel with turtles, sharks and rays.

What not to miss

  • Expert naturalist guide

  • Incredible wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities

  • Snorkelling with playful sea lions and turtles

  • Fantastic on-board service

  • Islands walks

What’s included

  • Travel by internal flight, catarmaran and minibus

  • Island walks and snorkelling excursions

  • 7 nights on board the Nemo II in en suite, air-conditioned cabins, 2 nights comfortable hotel

  • All breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners included

  • All accommodation

  • Tour leader throughout

  • Flights from London (if booking incl. flights)

Your holiday in Ecuador

Galapagos: Eastern Islands

Day 1 | Quito

The group flight usually arrives into Quito this evening. Land Only clients should aim to arrive at the hotel in the afternoon/early evening. Free transfers are available for all clients. A local guide will welcome you to Quito and explain the schedule for the next few days.

Day 2 | Discover Quito at your leisure.

Today is free to relax, recover from the long haul flight and explore the fascinating city of Quito. Quito is the second highest capital in the world, standing at 2,850m on the western cordillera of the Andes. It is one of the smaller and more attractive of the colonial capitals of South America. Because of the altitude visitors to Quito are advised to take it easy at first.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 3 | Fly to Galapagos; board Nemo II.

This morning we transfer to Quito Airport for our flight to the Galapagos Islands. Be prepared for an early start as this could mean leaving the hotel around 5.30am. A USD20 per person transit card is payable on departure at Quito and a USD100 per person national park entry fee is payable on arrival in the Galapagos. Please have cash on hand to pay for these.

On arrival in the Galapagos we are met in the arrivals hall and then transferred to our boat, the Nemo II, which will be anchored a short distance away in Santa Cruz. Once on board we'll be assigned our cabins, meet the crew and get to know our naturalist guide and fellow travellers over lunch.

Navigate to Bachas beach. The name is “Spanglish” for 'barges', which were wrecked offshore during World War II. There is a delightful swimming beach here with a lagoon behind, and a longer beach for a stroll and wildlife-watching. The saltwater lagoon often has Great Blue herons and small waders such as Sanderlings. Both beaches are nesting areas for Green sea turtles which leave tracks in the sand, especially from November to February. After dinner we navigate the short distance to Santa Cruz.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4 | Santa Fe Island & South Plazas Island

After navigating to Santa Fe Island we will spend some time in one of the most beautiful coves in all of the Galapagos, with its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. In the large Sea lion colony bulls vie for the right of beachmaster whilst cows laze in the sun. The loop trail leads us past salt bushes where Galapagos hawks can be seen at close range, alongside the largest land iguanas in the Galapagos.

This afternoon we navigate to South Plazas Island, where the biggest population of land iguanas in the Galapagos can be found. The iguanas here are yellow-brown and feed on the fruit and pads of the Prickly Pear Cactus. As we walk alongside the sea cliffs, Swallow-tailed gulls, Frigatebirds, Audubon shearwaters, Red-Billed tropicbirds, Brown pelicans, Blue-footed and Masked boobies are frequently seen.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5 | San Cristobal Island

A day at San Cristobal Island to discover Cerro Brujo, a striking eroded tuff cone and one of the first sites visited by Charles Darwin. We have a landing to explore the white sand beach where Blue-footed boobies, Brown pelicans, Sea lions and Marine iguanas are all found, before making our way to explore the striking spear of Kicker Rock and the nearby Sea lion colony of Isla Lobos.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6 | Espanola Island

Arriving at Espanola Island, we spend the morning at Punta Suarez on the western tip where Sea lions, sea birds and the largest Marine iguanas of the Galapagos are found, along with Masked boobies nesting among the rock formations. A 45 minute boat ride from Punta Suarez takes us to Gardner Bay, a stunning stretch of white-sand beach with excellent possibilities for swimming and snorkelling. Visitors can find migrant, resident and endemic wildlife include brightly coloured Marine iguanas, Espanola lava lizards, Hood mockingbirds, Swallow-tailed gulls, Galapagos hawks and a large colony of Waved albatross.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 | Santa Cruz Island

Today's excursion allows us to discover the highlands of Santa Cruz and its incredible vegetation zones. We visit a private finca called 'Las Primicias' which offers the best possibility to see Galapagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat. Our next visit will be the Charles Darwin Research Centre to begin learning about the ecology of the islands, their origin and formation. You can also see the famous Galapagos giant tortoise hatchery which is based here.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8 | Floreana Island

Today we arrive on Floreana Island, where the famous Post Office Bay is found. In 1793 British whalers established a Post Office barrel to send letters to and from England, a tradition that has continued and thrives to this day, with many visitors collecting and leaving postcards to destinations all over the world! We also visit Cormorant Point today, an area with a green sand beach (caused by the olivine crystals) and large lagoon where Pink flamingoes and other shore birds can be seen. This is also a good spot for seeing Large-billed flycatchers and numerous finch species.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9 | Sombrero Chino & Bartolome Island

Sombrero Chino is a small islet located near the south-east coast of Santiago. Shaped like a Chinese hat when seen from afar, it is geologically fascinating, with many lava tubes leading from the cone to the coast. We land on a beautiful crescent-shaped white sand beach, home to Sea lions and Sally Lightfoot crabs. The trail on Sombrero Chino explores its volcanic origin, one of the most evident in the islands. Snorkeling in the waters near Sombrero Chino can create a stir; White-tipped sharks frequent these waters, as do the playful Galapagos penguins and Sea lions.

This afternoon we navigate to Bartolome, a desolate landscape made famous by the tuff cone known as Pinnacle Rock, which has become one of the most visited and photographed parts of the islands. Very little vegetation grows in this barren place. Mangroves border the beach and the small shrub Tiguilia grows in the volcanic sands. The seeds and tiny white flowers of the Chamaesycae provide food for the island's finches. These plants are common to arid regions and are able to survive in harsh volcanic conditions.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10 | Fly to Guayaquil; end Guayaquil.

An early start to explore Black Turtle Cove, a red mangrove wetland on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island. This is a wonderful spot to see Green turtles and is a nursery for rays and Galapagos sharks. There is also abundant birdlife, such as the Yellow warbler and Lava heron.

We say farewell to the Galapagos Islands after this morning's excursion and head to the airport on Baltra for our flight to Guayaquil where the holiday ends. At Guayaquil airport it's possible to connect with international flights this evening from 6pm onwards. Land only clients may prefer to organise post-tour accommodation for the night in Guayaquil and organise their international flights for the following day in case of delays coming back from the Galapagos.

Meals included: Breakfast

This tour is operated by our preferred local partner.

Your holiday in Ecuador

Galapagos: Eastern Islands

Your holiday in Ecuador

Nemo II | Catamaran

The Nemo II is a First Class Motor Sail Catamaran with an outside lounge and dining area, an inside lounge/bar area and a spacious sun deck, perfect for relaxing and observing the incredible Galapagos landscape.

There are two superior cabins with double beds, two standard cabins with a lower single bed and an upper double bed, and three twin cabins with two single bunkbeds. All cabins have air conditioning and en suite bathrooms. 

Ship Specifications

  • First Class Motor Sail Catamaran

  • 14-16 passenger capacity with 2 superior cabins, 3 standard cabins and 2 twin cabins.

  • Crew: 6 + 1 naturalist guide

  • Length: 21.88m

  • Beam: 10.39m

  • 2 Engines

Ship Amenities

  • 2 Kayaks

  • Snorkelling gear

  • A flat screen TV

  • Air conditioned cabins

  • Beach Towels

  • Sun deck with comfortable lounge chairs

Your holiday in Ecuador

Galapagos: Eastern Islands

Twin Cabin

2 x twin cabins available, both with 1 lower single bed and 1 upper single bed and an en-suite bathroom.

Standard Cabin

2 x cabins with lower single bed and double upper bed. En-suite bathroom.
1 x cabin with lower double bed and 1 upper single bed. En-suite bathroom.
These cabins are used as twin/double cabins (may be available for triple occupancy on request)

Superior Cabin

2 x cabins have a double bed in each along with an en-suite bathroom.

Your holiday in Ecuador

Galapagos: Eastern Islands

Call one of our Expedition Cruise Experts for the very best prices and latest deals

Package Prices (Flights and Transfers Included) 2018

2018 Departure Dates Nights Adult Price
12 October - 22 October  9 £4549
26 October - 05 November  9 £4549
09 November - 19 November  9 £4599
23 November - 03 December  9 £4599
07 December - 17 December  9 £4599

Package prices are indicative, please contact one of our Activities Experts for more information.

Tour Only Prices 2018

2018 Departure Dates Nights Adult Price
12 October - 21 October  9 £3649
26 October - 04 November 9 £3649
09 November - 18 November  9 £3649
23 November - 02 December  9 £3649
07 December - 16 December  9 £3649

Package Prices (Flights and Transfers Included) 2019

2019 Departure Dates Nights Adult Price
04 January - 14 January  9 £4879
18 January - 28 January  9 £4549
15 February - 25 February  9 £4549
01 March - 11 March  9 £4549
15 March - 25 March  9 £4549
12 April - 22 April  9 £4649
26 April - 06 May  9 £4549
10 May - 20 May  9 £4499
24 May - 03 June  9 £4549
07 June - 17 June  9 £4549
21 June - 01 July  9 £4549
05 July - 15 July  9 £4899
19 July - 29 July  9 £4899
02 August - 12 August  9 £4899
30 August - 09 September  9 £4899
13 September - 23 September  9 £4549
27 September - 07 October  9 £4549
11 October - 21 October  9 £4549
25 October - 04 November  9 £4549
08 November - 18 November  9 £4549
22 November - 02 December  9 £4549
06 December - 16 December 9 £4549

Package prices are indicative, please contact one of our Activities Experts for more information.

Tour Only Prices 2019

2019 Departure Dates Nights Adult Price
04 January - 13 January  9 £3649
18 January - 27 January  9 £3649
15 February - 24 February  9 £3649
01 March - 10 March  9 £3649
15 March - 24 March  9 £3649
12 April - 21 April  9 £3649
26 April - 05 May  9 £3649
10 May - 19 May  9 £3649
24 May - 02 June  9 £3649
07 June - 16 June  9 £3649
21 June - 30 June  9 £3649
05 July - 14 July  9 £3649
19 July - 28 July  9 £3649
02 August - 11 August  9 £3649
30 August - 08 September  9 £3649
13 September - 22 September  9 £3649
27 September - 06 October  9 £3649
11 October - 20 October  9 £3649
25 October - 03 November  9 £3649
08 November - 17 November  9 £3649
22 November - 01 December  9 £3649
06 December - 15 December 9 £3649

Tour prices are accurate at time of publication. All cabins are subject to availability.
Prices are per person, based on a twin cabin – please contact us for details of other cabin prices.

Please note you will have to pay 120 USD Galapagos tax locally to your tour leader.

Solo Travellers

Aboard our Expedition Cruises we do not require you to pay a surcharge for travelling alone. We will arrange for you to share the cabin with another traveller of the same gender or you can pay for a single supplement, please contact your Expedition Cruise Expert for more information.

 Important Notes

  • All nationalities require a full passport that must be valid for 6 months beyond the intended length of stay.

  • If you are travelling via the US you will need to purchase an ESTA for around USD14.

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