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Galapagos: Western Islands | Luxury

The Galapagos Islands are some of the world’s most famous and most fascinating islands.  Each moment of this luxury expedition cruise will reveal why these islands are so special. From pelicans to penguins, green sea turtles to marine iguanas, sea lions to manta rays and blue-footed boobies to the giant tortoise. Enjoy close-up encounters with a wonderfully diverse range of wildlife.

This is a remarkable small ship luxury expedition of the western islands of the Galapagos archipelago. Enjoy a complimentary programme of unique, small-group shore experiences led by a team of expert guides and lectures.

What not to miss

  • Zodiac cruises

  • All inclusive

  • Snorkelling

  • Kayaking

  • Nature hikes

  • Diverse wildlife

What’s included

  • All meals aboard the Silver Galapagos

  • Two-night pre-cruise hotel stay with breakfast in Quito

  • Quito evening tour

  • Butler service

  • Zodiac cruises

  • National park fees

  • Land and sea tours

  • Post cruise hotel day room (for guests with flights after 10pm)

  • Charter flight to/from Ecuador

  • Gratuities

  • Free Wifi

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Galapagos: Western Islands | Luxury

Cruise Day 1 | San Cristobal Island

Like so many of the islands in the Galapagos, San Cristobal is formed by dormant volcanoes. It lies to the east of the archipelago and is one of the oldest islands in the group. Approximately 6,000 people live on the island, making their living from tourism, fishing, in government offices, or off the rich volcanic soils with some limited farming existing in the highlands. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the southwestern tip of the island is the capital city of the Galapagos Islands. A statue of Charles Darwin graces the harbour, marking one of the first places he likely stepped ashore in the 1830s.

The Silver Galapagos will circumnavigate Kicker Rock, one of the most iconic features of the Galapagos Islands. The small landform is formed by two tall towers of lava rock and when viewed from the south, resembles a sleeping lion. This phenomenon is reflected in the Spanish name “Leon Dormido” or literally, Sleeping Lion. As the ship steers around the islands, your Expedition Team will point out seabirds, such as Swallow-tailed Gulls, Nazca Boobies and frigatebirds.

Cruise Day 2 | Bartolome Island & Santiago Island

Our ship anchors in sight of the volcanic moonscape of Isla Bartolomé, at Sullivan Bay. Zodiacs bring guests ashore to ascend a boardwalk of 388 steps. Passing through the arid volcanic landscape provides a chance to watch for lava lizards, Galapagos Hawks, and Blue-footed Boobies. However, the climber’s ultimate reward is one of the most beautiful panoramas in all of the Galapagos Islands – the view towards Pinnacle Rock with the black, volcanic cones of Baltra, Daphne Major and Daphne Minor in the distance.

Playa Espumilla is located on the northwestern side of Santiago Island and is home to a variety of wildlife including nesting green sea turtles, and plentiful birds such as flamingos, White-cheeked Pintails, Yellow Warblers, Galapagos Hawks, Whimbrels, and American Oystercatchers. Zodiacs will land you at the centre of the white-sand beach to join a trail that passes by a seasonal lagoon hosting a variety of bird life.

Cruise Day 3 | Isabela Island

The agile Silver Galapagos can anchor in deep water right up against the cliffs of Punta Vicente Roca on the northwest side of Isabela Island. From our anchorage Zodiacs set out to cruise beneath the imposing volcanic coastline. The cliffs support endemic Flightless Cormorants, Galapagos fur seals, Blue-footed Boobies, and marine iguanas. The waters below hold scores of Eastern Pacific green sea turtles swimming all around the Zodiacs.

With the gentle slopes of La Cumbre volcano in the distance, the low, lava-forged coast of Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island is a spectacular sight. Hundreds of marine iguanas rest on the black rock of recent lava flows absorbing heat from the stone and defending their territories against one another. Galapagos sea lions and their pups also take shelter here, resting on the beach and playing in the shallow tide pools sprinkled along the coast.

Cruise Day 4 | Isabela Island

Tagus Cove is a sheltered area southwest of Volcán Darwin on Isabela Island. The protected waters of this cove are home to sea turtles, marine iguanas, Flightless Cormorants and Galapagos Penguins. In addition, the cove has offered safe anchorage to visiting ships through the ages. Here you can choose to kayak, snorkel or head ashore to discover centuries-old names of vessels that were painted or carved onto the rock near the landing site. After landing by Zodiac, you may hike through the forest of Palo Santo trees to access the upper reaches of a volcanic cone.

The tranquil inlets of Elizabeth Bay are the perfect spot for a Zodiac cruise. First pass the “Las Marielas” islets, which are home to Blue-footed Boobies, Flightless Cormorants, Galapagos Penguins, Galapagos sea lions and Sally Lightfoot crabs. Then journey on into the bay flanked by the massive volcanoes of Sierra Negra and Alcedo and continue past fresh and desolate lava fields heading towards tall green mangrove trees growing out of black lava shores. In the easternmost embayment lies a hidden inlet.

Cruise Day 5 | Floreana Island & Champion Island

Post Office Bay is steeped in history and received its name thanks to a post box that was placed ashore before 1813. Ships that were visiting the Galapagos on multi-year voyages would leave letters here to be collected and delivered by vessels on their way home. Visitors today can keep the tradition alive by leaving their own postcards in the post box (now a barrel) and looking for any they can deliver by hand back at home. Activities at Post Office Bay can include exploring a cave created by lava that runs underground towards the ocean.

Isla Champion is a small islet off Floreana Island’s northeast coast. To cruise by it reveals a bare, rocky island without much allure, but to enter the infinitely blue waters around this small landmass is to discover a spectacular underwater realm. The visibility is generally impressive and thanks to this water clarity snorkelers often spot reef sharks patrolling the reef wall, cruising Pacific green turtles, and playful Galapagos sea lions. Encounters in the blue with thousands of small silver minnows, large tuna fish, or oceanic sunfish are not unheard of either.

Floreana Island’s northernmost point is called Punta Cormorant – named after the British naval vessel HMS Cormorant and dating back to the late 19th century. From the landing beach a short track leads to a shallow lagoon that is famous for its flamingos. The brilliantly pink birds skim the salty waters for shrimp and tend to chicks on the nest. The trail then scales a low hillside through scattered Palo Santo trees to reveal an idyllic white-sand beach on the other side of the point.

Cruise Day 6 | Santa Cruz Island

Cerro Dragón’s land iguanas once played an important part in a conservation program headed by the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park. When the reptiles’ numbers declined in the 1970s, some animals were taken to breed in captivity and were released back into undeveloped areas. Today, it is an honour to see the success of this program first-hand at Cerro Dragón. Walk inland on a trail past small saltwater lagoons that periodically feature flamingos, to see the reintroduced animals.

On the northern shore of Santa Cruz stretch the Las Bachas beaches. The two beaches together span a full kilometer. A short track leads visitors inland towards a shallow pond with the opportunity to spot flamingos, migratory birds in season, and scavenging shorebirds. The name “Las Bachas” derives from the mispronounced term “barges” –which the American forces had left behind after World War II. On our visit to Las Bachas there will be the chance to swim from one of the two sandy beaches and to look for sea turtles that use Las Bachas as one of their major nesting sites in the islands.

Cruise Day 7 – Santa Cruz Island

Los Gemelos is Spanish for “the twins” and true to the name, Los Gemelos are twin sinkholes, one on either side of the road running from Puerto Ayora to the north side of the island. The mammoth scale of the landmarks often elicits exclamations of wonder from visitors at first sight. The vertical walls of the sinkholes fall deep into the ground covered in a veil of greenery hiding the bottom of the pit. Walk along the craters’ edges before stopping at Rancho El Manzanillo to see giant Santa Cruz tortoises in the wild.

Silver Galapagos will anchor in front of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, where the prestigious Charles Darwin Research Station is located. The station also houses the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center for giant tortoises and land iguanas where guides interpret the center’s captive breeding and reintroduction programs. In addition to these star species, throughout the station there are huge prickly pear cactus trees being fed upon by the pretty Galapagos Cactus Finch. To round out the stay in Puerto Ayora, enjoy free time in town where local artists have created charming art galleries and corner cafés.

Cruise Day 8 | Disembarkation Day, Baltra Island

Following breakfast, disembark Silver Galapagos for your return flight from Baltra Airport to Guayaquil.

Baltra Island, also known as South Seymour, is the gateway through which most people enter and depart the Galapagos Island. Upon arrival and once through immigrations procedures, visitors are transferred directly to a nearby dock to join the ship by Zodiac. The runway was first constructed here during World War II when the island was used as a US Army Air Base. Located near the geographic center of the Galapagos, the island itself is small, flat and arid.

Expedition Cruises | Important Reminder

Expedition highlights and wildlife listed here are possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed. Your Expedition Leader and Captain will work together to ensure opportunities for adventure and exploration are the best possible, taking into account the prevailing weather, wildlife activity and conditions. Expedition Team members scheduled for this voyage are subject to change or cancellation.

Galapagos | Important Information

For Galapagos, our standard package includes two nights pre-cruise hotel in Quito, domestic flights and park fees. Cruise departures for this itinerary are on a Saturday, you will have 2 nights pre-tour in Quito starting from the Thursday. The trip ends with a flight from Galapagos to Guayaquil, international flights should not be booked earlier than 6.30-7pm on the final day.

This tour is operated by our preferred local partner.

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Galapagos: Western Islands | Luxury

Your holiday in Ecuador

Silver Galapagos

Silver Galapagos fuses seamless shore excursions, quality lectures and multiple Zodiac landings with excellent dining and plush all-suite accommodation. She underwent her last refurbishment in 2017.

A luxury Galápagos expedition cruise, enjoyed aboard Silver Galapagos, brings you to one of the most isolated places in the world. You’ll encounter an abundant variety of wildlife species that is incredibly unique and found nowhere else on earth. Experience it all with complimentary exploration activities including Zodiac tours, snorkelling, kayaking and nature hikes led by our highly experienced guides certified by the National Park of the Galápagos.

Ship Specifications

  • Staff and Crew: 75

  • Guests: 100

  • Length: 88.16 metres

  • Width: 15.3 metres

  • Cruising Speed: 17 knots

  • Registration: Ecuador

Deck Plan

Ship Amenities

  • Piano Bar

  • Beauty Salon

  • Whirlpool

  • Fitness Centre

  • Massage Room 

  • 2 restaurants

  • Library

  • Explorer Lounge

  • Medical Centre

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Galapagos: Western Islands | Luxury

Explorer Suite | Decks 2, 3 & 4

DECK 2: 240 – 210 SQ. FT. / 22 – 20 M2 WITH THREE PORTHOLES
DECKS 3 & 4: 250 – 235 SQ. FT. / 23 – 22 M2 WITH VIEW WINDOW

All Explorer Suites can accommodate at least two guests. Explorer Suites 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, and 341 can accommodate up to three guests. All Explorer Suites on Deck 2 can accommodate up to three guests.

  •  View Window (Decks 3 and 4)

  •  Three portholes (Deck 2)

  •  Sitting area (all Suites on Deck 2 and Suites 337, 336, 339, 338, 341 and 340 have a convertible sofa to accommodate an additional guest)

  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed

Terrace Suite | Deck 5

287 SQ. FT. / 26.38 M2

A quiet sanctuary where large picture windows provide panoramic ocean views. Terrace Suites provide splendid repose for three guests, along with easy access to public observation area with patio furniture.

  • Teak style balcony with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors

  • Sitting area (Suites 425 and 427 have a convertible sofa to accommodate an additional guest)

  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed

Veranda Suite | Deck 5


A Silversea signature, complete with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto a private balcony with patio furniture. Veranda Suites lavishly accommodate three guests.

  • Teak style balcony with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors

  • Sitting area (Suites 507,508,517 and 519 have a convertible sofa to accommodate an additional guest)

  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed

Deluxe Veranda Suite | Deck 4


A Silversea signature, complete with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto a private balcony with patio furniture. Veranda Suites lavishly accommodate three guests.

  • Teak style balcony with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors

  • Sitting area (Suites 425 and 427 have a convertible sofa to accommodate an additional guest)

  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed

Silver Suite | Deck 6


Spacious, with a welcoming sitting area, a marbled bathroom and your own private balcony with patio furniture. Silver Suites can accommodate three guests in luxury.

  • Teak style balcony with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors

  • Sitting area with convertible sofa to accommodate an additional guest

  • Twin beds or queen-sized bed

  • Sparkling wine served with Pacari Ecuadorian organic chocolates and a bowl of fruit

  • Laundry service

  • Illy® espresso machine

  • Bose Sound Touch 30 with Bluetooth connectivity (use Bose APP or direct Bluetooth connection)

Your holiday in Ecuador

Galapagos: Western Islands | Luxury

Call one of our Expedition Cruise experts for the very best prices and latest deals.

Cruise Only Prices 2019 (International flights + transfers not included)

Dates Nights Twin Cabin Price
19 January - 26 January  7 £9100
16 March - 23 March  7 £8900
30 March - 06 April  7 £8400
13 April - 20 April  7 £8600
27 April - 04 May  7 £9300
11 May - 18 May  7 £9720
25 May - 01 June  7 £7560
08 June - 15 June  7 £7020
22 June - 29 June  7 £8190
06 July - 13 July  7 £6390
20 July - 27 July  7 £6300
17 August - 24 August  7 £6300
31 August - 07 September  7 £5940
14 September - 21 September 7 £4590
28 September - 05 October   7 £6930
26 October - 02 November 7 £6750
07 December - 14 December 7 £5850
21 December - 28 December  7 £9810

Your trip will start in Quito on the Thursday before, 2 nights pre-cruise are included as well as domestic flights + park fees.

Cruise Only Prices 2020 (International flights + transfers not included)

Dates Nights Twin Cabin Price
04 January - 11 January  7 £5580
01 February - 08 February   7 £5760
15 February - 22 February  7 £5850
29 February - 07 March  7 £5760
14 March - 21 March  7 £6030
28 March - 04 April  7 £6030
11 April - 18 April  7 £6300
25 April -  02 May  7 £5760
09 May - 16 May  7 £6210
23 May - 30 May   7 £6210
06 June - 13 June  7 £7020
20 June - 27 June  7 £7020
04 July - 11 July  7 £6210
18 July - 25 July  7 £6210
01 August - 08 August 7 £6210
15 August - 22 August 7 £6210
29 August - 05 September 7 £6210
12 September - 19 September 7 £6480
26 September - 03 October 7 £6480

Your trip will start in Quito on the Thursday before, 2 nights pre-cruise are included as well as domestic flights + park fees.

Cruise prices are accurate at time of publication. All suites are subject to availability.
Prices are per person, based on a twin/double suite – please contact us for details of other suite types.


  • If under 120 days until cruise sails, full payment is required at booking

  • If over 120 days until cruise sails, 25% deposit is required at booking

Flights + Extra Accommodation

Our BSpoke team can organise international flights, business upgrades and pre and post expedition accommodation. Please contact your Expedition Cruise Expert for more information.

Solo Travellers

Aboard our Silver Cloud, Silver Explorer and Silver Galapagos Expedition Cruises it is not possible to be paired with another traveller who you don’t know in a twin suite. If you are travelling solo you will be required to pay a supplement. The supplement varies between voyages so please speak to your Expedition Cruise Expert who will be able to advise the cost.

Extra Services

To pre-reserve beauty treatments and restaurant reservations please contact your Expedition Cruise Expert within 120 days of sailing (subject to change).

Optional Activities | Sea Kayaking

Weather depending, Silver Explorer offers the opportunity to kayak in a small group under the guidance of certified kayak instructors. Silver Galapagos carries 8 double kayaks, it is complimentary to take part in the kayaking however this is on a first come first served basis, you can register your interest onboard.

Please note you will need to have had some previous kayaking experience.

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