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Activity Holidays in Greenland

Greenland is the perfect destination for travellers seeking a polar adventure holiday. The world's largest island, Greenland is covered in a three kilometre deep ice sheet, with its few towns dotted on the country's rocky coast.

In Greenland's short summer, there is 24 hour daylight which means that there is plenty of time to go polar bear, walrus, reindeer or humpback whale spotting. In the winter, because of its northerly location, it's a fantastic place to view the Aurora Borealis. 

Greenland's coasts boast towering fjords and valleys that cut into the land and flood with sea water. Nuuk, Greenland's coastal capital, only has a population of 17,000 but has a history that dates back all the way to 2200 BC. 

Best bits

  • Wildlife spotting  on the ice plains
  • Watching Eqip Serm, one of the world's
    fastest moving glaciers
  • Seeing Scorsbysund, the world's largest
    fjord complex
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