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Activity Holidays in Japan

Japan is a nation steeped in juxtapositions. From highly revered traditions that date back centuries to being leaders in the latest technologies and innovations, from the heights of Mount Fuji to delicate cherry blossoms and the metropolitan hubs of Tokyo and Osaka, there is much to discover on a Japanese activity holiday.

Our active tours in Japan are all about balancing these juxtapositions. Visit the ancient shrines, temples and gardens of Kyoto, take in the perfect silhouette of Mount Fuji, marvel at the neon adverts and pulsing streets of Tokyo then dip into a thermal pool back out into the countryside. All best discover on two wheels or on two feet, of course.

Best bits

  • The hot spring baths of Beppu
  • The ancient temples of Kyoto
  • Incredible fresh fish and
    unique Japanese cuisine
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