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Activity Holidays in Peru

The activities are endless in Peru. Zipline, raft, bike or trek around this fabulous South American country, discovering the secrets of its past and the natural wonders of its present. It's the perfect destination for an activity holiday.

Travel from snow-capped mountains that peak through the clouds down into the deepest jungle where you can get glimpses of rare species of wildlife. Once home to the ancient Inca tribe who worshipped the sun, Europeans invaded in the 1530's and many of their secrets were lost. In fact, the world-famous Machu Picchu was only discovered in the last century. 

An adventure to this awe-inspiring country brings you floating islands, untouched rainforest, mysterious riddles and ruins and world-class hiking routes. You won't be disappointed.

Best bits

  • Tackling the Inca Trail and uncovering the
    iconic Machu Picchu
  • Island hopping on Lake Titicaca
  • The views over Colca Canyon
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