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Sri Lanka

Activity Holidays in Sri Lanka

Elephant encounters, ancient rock fortresses and deep rainforest await you in the magical country that is Sri Lanka.

Holidays here are a heady mix of culture, people, food, history, culture and wildlife. Spend a few days trekking through one of its many rainforests, watching out for leopards and watching elephants in their natural environment, grazing on grasses and palm fronds. Then explore the extensive paddy fields by bike, find out about the rare wildlife and gemstones that first drew explorers here and lose yourself in highland tea plantations. Finally, take a juddering tuk tuk through the underbrush out to sandy white beaches and relax for a final few days.

Sound like the activity holiday for you? All of our guides are local experts and English speaking so you are looked after from start to finish.

Best bits

  • Wildlife spotting in Yala National
  • The legendary ruined city of Polonnaruwa
  • Whitewater rafting at Kithugala
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