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Top 5 Places for Winter Sun

Posted 24 Jan 2019

Winter is in full swing now and we can expect to have at least another 2 months of wrapping up in big coats, whacking up the central heating and cold, frosty mornings. If you’re not one for enjoying the frigid winter months then this can be a rather gloomy time. However, the good news is that there are plenty of places that don’t have to suffer the winter as we do, here are five destinations where you can throw off that winter jacket and scarf and dress like its summer again.


Cuba is the home of classic American cars, highball mojitos and the hypnotic salsa dance. You can enjoy the winter months in Cuba happily in the sun, basking in temperatures ranging from the mid-twenties to low-thirties. It’s a perfect time to explore the island on a bike, visit Havana and drink Cuba Libres or go and see the historic Bay of Pigs. If you visit in February you can also stop by the famous Festival del Habano (Festival of Cigars) and Esteban Salas Early Music Festival, both held in February.

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Winter is a great time to venture east and visit amazing Vietnam; you can expect to be greeted by sunshine in the mid-twenties. February through to April is the best time to visit as the weather tends to be much fairer and warmer with much less rainfall than other months. Vietnam is also a wonderful contrast of hustle and bustle in Hanoi to tranquil cycling around the Mekong Delta, during your journey you will be completely immersed in Vietnam’s rich and charming culture. Discover ruins of old kingdoms, cycle past the rural landscapes and rice paddies and relax and dine on the country's national dish, Pho.

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To get the winter sun you don’t always have to travel across the world, the Algarve in Portugal may not reach the high twenties during the colder months but it can certainly still be t-shirt weather. On the finer days you can enjoy temperatures around twenty degrees, and whilst you may need a jacket now and again you can still expect to come back from your holiday kissed by the sun. The Algarve in south Portugal is perfect for cyclists who love riding along the coasts, discovering sandy beaches and old castles whilst dining on fresh fish and sweet delicacies straight from the oven.

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Argentina’s spring is in full swing by November and the summer months last right through to April so if you’re looking for some South American sun then Argentina is the place to get it. You can expect long summer days and balmy nights with temperatures in the low thirties on the finest days. Argentina is also home of some fantastic landscapes; cyclists can expect to marvel at the mighty Iguazu Falls or the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia. Argentina is also the perfect place to enjoy sumptuous ‘Parilla’ steak with a glass of red from Mendoza or even trying the tango in Buenos Aires!

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If you’re searching for some winter sun but you want a unique holiday experience like no other at the same time, then look no further than Madagascar. Teeming with exotic wildlife and flora, you will embark on a two-wheeled journey across dramatic highland plains, lush rainforests and natural swimming pools with unique rock formations. You can expect temperatures of low thirties, the best time of the year to visit Madagascar is from October through to mid-December as it is mostly warm and dry.

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