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Which cycling stereotype do you fit?

Posted 01 Apr 2019

Figuring out what type of cycling holiday suits you isn’t always as easy as you would imagine; whilst we all like to be outdoors being active sometimes it can be hard to strike a balance between leisure and sport. Below, we have created five cycling personas and the holidays that suit them perfectly, see if you can find one that matches you.

The adventure cyclist

The Adventurer

For some, exploring is the heart and soul of your holiday. You’re an adventurer; you don’t mind pedalling around a city, but you prefer exploring vast, beautiful landscapes teeming with hidden gems to discover. You’re a thrill seeker; you never stick to a route, the moment you see a valley path or a route off the beaten track you can’t contain your interest and you veer off on an unplanned adventure. If you could, you’d cycle from dusk till dawn, exploring a region until you’d seen it all.

Suggested cycling tours for you:

The road cyclist

The Roadie

You’re a passionate cyclist, it’s more than a hobby for you; you have all the latest tech, you keep up-to-date with the sport and you know your rear mech from your headset. You like to challenge yourself and you’re always raising the bar; when you set out on a cycle tour you push yourself to your limits, and by the end of the day, if you’re legs aren’t burning then you haven’t gone far enough. You like to tackle steep Alpine Cols and swoop down long winding valleys at high speeds, following in the tyre tracks of the professionals.

Suggested cycling tours for you:

The cyclist in search of cuisine

The Foodie

For a cycling foodie, touring a region by bicycle is the perfect way to discover all the fantastic towns and villages serving delightful cuisine and wine. You like to stop for long, lazy lunches in local restaurants making sure you sample all the regional delicacies on offer. Come the evening and you’re on the hunt for the finest places to dine in town, you like to search for Michelin-starred restaurants serving the best gourmet fayre and pair it with a local wine from the vineyards. For you, enjoying culinary treats is what makes your holiday so special.

Suggested cycling tours for you:

The cyclist pedalling for pleasure

The Freewheeler

Cycling is one of your favourite hobbies; you love a leisurely potter around a region at your own pace, soaking up the glorious landscapes. You like to stop off for picnics by the beach and for coffee breaks in little local cafes. You’ll always make the most of your stay, so if the weather’s not its finest you’re happy to take a day off cycling and explore the town you’re staying in. You’re always looking for extra comforts like staying in a Châteaux hotel or taking an E-bike to give you a boost up the hill.

Suggested cycling tours for you:

The curious cyclist

The Curious

You don’t always want to travel back to the same location each year, you like to travel to new places, and when you do, you absorb the vibrant cultures of the region. You like to explore a city from the saddle top to bottom, learning about its intricate history and seeing all the wonderful sights it has to offer; and when you’re done with one area you cycle onto the next. You are always up for new, exciting experiences and your curiosity drives you to unique destinations you wouldn’t have ever thought about visiting.

Suggested cycling tours for you:

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